Upcoming Schedule of Events - We do not host weddings

Please complete from below to request a visit with us.

2/22/20              Life Church South                Barn / day

3/3/20                TTU Football                        Barn

3/7/20                Collegeside Men                  Barn

3/13-3/24/20      Family- Spring break

3/27/20              Wildlife 

4/4/20                Collegeside Men                  Barn

4/9-4/12/20        Family- Easter

4/24-4/26/20      Chi Alpha                             Camp

4/27/20              Wyldlife                                Camp / 6-9PM

4/30-5/2/20        Phyllis Brown Music            

5/7/20                Younglife                              Camp / 5-9PM

5/8/20                WHC Birthday

5/10-5/15/20      Habitat                                 Camp 

5/25-5/28/20      Berg Family Camp               Camp

5/29-6/1/20        Refuge Church                    Camp

6/5-6/6/20          Pop. Grove- father-son        Camp 

6/7-6/21/20        FCA Lacrosse Camps

6/29-8/4/20        Family- Repair

8/28-8/29/20      UCSC- Collegeside             Camp

9/2-9/7/20          Family - Labor Day

9/25-9/26/20      Teressa                                Camp

10/2-10/17/20    Family - Fall break

10/23-10/25       River D-Now                        Camp

11/24-12/1/20    Family- Thanksgiving

12/11-12/31/20  Family - Merry Christmas

Last Update- 2/19/20 Campground will be winterized through April


All overnight accommodations are in the camp ground, somewhat rustic- bunk cots (40). Campers will need to bring everything needed to spend the night - sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries. Absolutely no food or drinks in gym! Cooking is allowed up in the campground area with two residential kitchens and outdoor grill available for use. The main barn can be used for meetings only, NO COOKING. Please be sure to check out Cookeville's wonderful local catering options for your event, most are familiar with our venue.  There is NO WIFI available on the property. 

"Encouraging Christian Action"

Talk to Us.

Please tell us about your organization and plans to visit with us. Please include number of people expected (Maximum 50)and the areas you would like to use. Please check calendar above, include date and an alternate date as calendar is fluid. Reservations are being accepted for 2020 only at this time and need to be requested 30 days in advance.  School breaks and Holidays are reserved for family time. As part of our ministry to the community we never charge a fee for visiting with us. We do not host weddings.

Ebenezeracres Foundation/Farm

Camp and Respite


1725 Mt. Pleasant Rd.,  Cookeville TN 38506